Philosophy and Priorities

Sending violent offenders to prison, protecting our children, seeking justice for victims of crime, going after drug traffickers and taking a compassionate approach to the addicted.  These will be my priorities as your elected Prosecutor.  

Philosophy and my first 60 days

I am a conservative Republican.  I will approach my duties as the Greene County Prosecutor from that perspective.  This means that the office will maintain its fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers while continuing the good work that has defined the office under Stephen K. Haller.  There is always room for improvement, however, and my first priority will be to reach out to all our clients and partners and get their input on how to improve our services. 

This means that in the first two months after I am elected, I will personally speak to our law enforcement partners, elected officials, and community partners.  I will find out what works and what we can do better.  This information will guide my future actions, and those actions will be carried out in a fiscally responsible way. 


Drugs fuel most of the crimes committed in our community and they destroy individuals and families.  Many families in our community have been touched by the scourge of drugs, especially the opioid crisis that continues to take its toll.  As our elected leaders take steps to address the opioid crisis, other drugs are always waiting to take their place.  Methamphetamine use is on the rise and it’s no longer the homemade methamphetamine that made headlines a few years ago.  It is mass produced and increasingly available.  If I am elected, the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office will go after the dealers.  We will support our local drug task force and work together with State and Federal law enforcement agencies to find them, convict them, and send them to prison. 

The drug crisis has two sides.  The dealers who sell the poison and the addicts who use it.  Drug addiction resulting in felony convictions also has a significantly negative impact on families.  Currently, Ohio law provides for Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (ILC), which affords eligible individuals the opportunity to avoid a conviction if they complete drug treatment.  As your Prosecutor, I will encourage our Courts to liberally grant offenders ILC, and our office will not oppose ILC except in extraordinary circumstances.  Furthermore, I will support the creation of a Drug Court in Greene County Common Pleas Court and I will provide whatever support the Court needs to make that a reality.  Drug Courts offer similar opportunities to treat the addicted instead of punishing them.  I strongly believe that treatment as opposed to punishment for addicts should be our goal. 

The Prosecuting Attorney's responsibility is to enforce the law.  Decriminalization of marijuana may or may not be the future in the State of Ohio.  If the voters and their elected representatives decide to fully decriminalize Marijuana, then our office will follow the law.  Until that happens, however, we will continue to support law enforcement efforts to enforce all our drug laws, even those that criminalize Marijuana possession and trafficking. 

Violent Crime

Violent crime is my number one priority.  Violence against the most vulnerable in our community must be aggressively prosecuted and the offenders should go to prison.  Children, spouses, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to violence.  Each prosecutor in the criminal division will be required to attend training regarding domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse.  This training will include current approaches to prosecution that are being used successfully by other Prosecutors' Offices around the country. 

Protecting Children:

Everyone in our community wants our children to be safe.  The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office helps to accomplish this goal in many ways.  First, our office represents Children's Services in Court.  Secondly, our office works closely with Michael’s House, the Child Advocacy Center in Greene County, to serve abused children and their families and prosecute the offenders.  Greene County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller is a founding member of Michael's House and has been and remains committed to assigning an Assistant Prosecutor to participate in the multi-disciplinary team that meets at Michael's House.  I will continue that commitment and work hand in hand with law enforcement officers, victim advocates, forensic interviewers, and Children's Services caseworkers to protect the children who come to Michael's House.  You can rest assured that if I am elected, the Greene County Prosecutor's Office will always support Michael’s House and the efforts of all our law enforcement and community partners to protect children. 

Justice for Crime Victims:

The Greene County Prosecutor's Office has been on the forefront of victim's rights since the early 1980's.  I will ensure that the office continues our longtime committment to seeking justice for victims of crime.  They will be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.  They will receive comprehensive, quality services from all prosecutors and victim advocates in our office.  

If you would like to hear more about David's position on issues or have him come and speak to any group or event, please call 937-900-8005 or send an e-mail to