Sending violent offenders to prison, protecting our children, seeking justice for victims of crime, going after drug traffickers and taking a compassionate approach to the addicted.  These will be my priorities as your elected Prosecutor.  Click above to learn more about me and this campaign.

David D. Hayes


Greene County


                                             Experienced and Qualified 
  • I have been an Assistant Prosecutor in Greene County for over 15 years.  
    • Chief Trial Counsel for the Criminal Division
    • Handled over 2,700 criminal cases 
    • Tried over 60 jury trials with a strong conviction rate
  • I am endorsed by Greene County Law Enforcement including: 
    • Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer 
    • Greene County Prosecutor Stephen Haller
    • Beavercreek Fraternal Order of Police 
    • Fairborn Fraternal Order of Police 
  • Military and Leadership Experience 
    • Retired from the US Air Force Reserve after 24 years of service
    • Rose to the rank of SMSgt/First Sgt with the 445th Airlift Wing
    • Served as an attorney in the Judge Advocate Corps
    • Retired as a Captain 
  • Conservative Leader
    • I am endorsed by Dayton Right to Life 
    • Oppose Red Flag laws, support the Second Amendment

Endorsed by Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Stephen K. Haller: 

"I wholeheartedly endorse David Hayes for Greene County Prosecutor.  David's leadership and skill are respected by his colleagues and law enforcement.  He has the experience and work ethic to be an outstanding Prosecuting Attorney.  By any comparison he is simply the best candidate."  

Stephen K. Haller, Greene County Prosecutor

Endorsed by Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer:  

“I am pleased to join Greene County Prosecutor Stephen Haller in his support for David Hayes for the position of Greene County Prosecutor. Over the years, David Hayes has been very responsive to my office, our deputies and detectives as they respond to and investigate criminal acts in the county. David works as a team member, a leader with competent legal guidance and an experienced prosecutor who has successfully prosecuted cases brought forward by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. As a military veteran and long serving assistant prosecutor, David Hayes exceeds the qualifications as a candidate to serve as our next Greene County Prosecutor and he will have my vote.”

Gene Fischer, Greene County Sheriff

Endorsed by the Fairborn and  Beavercreek FOP's